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Joley found Pilates after needing to rehabilitate after having three baby boys in the space of 4 years. Chronic lower back pain was a daily struggle, which Pilates completely cured.

Pilates has completely transformed her life, so much so that she was inspired to share it with others. In Pilates, she finds the strength to be the busy business owner but also the mental calm and clarity to be a mother to her four children. Since completing her pilates training in 2016, she has instructed over 3000 classes and completed further studies in Pilates for Backpain, Pregnancy and Postnatal. Joley is passionate about health and is currently undertaking further study to become a meditation teacher.

Joley’s vision is to help people feel comfortable in the skin they’re in. We are all different and unique and Pilates allows the focus to be on what practical and functional actions your body can achieve, not just aesthetics. Feeling strong, comfortable and in control of your body allows you to feel strong, comfortable and in control of your life.

Marcus graduated from Curtin University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) and has been working in rural public and private practice ever since. Marcus’s passion has always been education – he feels strongly that knowledge is power and will go to great lengths to help empower his patients and Pilates students.
Marcus’s vision is to improve the health and wellbeing, particularly of rural men in the Central Midlands Region.

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We have a class to suit every style, mood and fitness level!