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Joley found Pilates after needing to rehabilitate after having three baby boys in the space of 4 years. The main focus was to get rid of the constant lower back pain she experienced on a daily basis.

Pilates has completely transformed her life, so much so that she was inspired to share it with others. In Pilates, she finds the strength to be the busy business owner but also the mental calm and clarity to be a mother to her boys. Since completing her pilates training in 2016, she has instructed over 2000 classes and completed further studies in Pilates for Backpain, Pregnancy and Postnatal.

Joley’s vision is to help people understand that self care is not selfish and when we look after ourselves mentally and physically, everyone around us also benefits. 

Rose is passionate high school teacher with an incredible talent for education and Pilates. Rose found Pilates in 2016 and completed her matwork instructor training in 2017 and reformer training in 2018. Rose noticed that her high school students all suffered from poor posture and saw an opportunity to change this. She created an after school Pilates class for her students and it has not only helped their posture but also their stress levels around exam time.
Rose’s vision is to empower people to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Carly has been working as an Exercise Physiologist for 6 years and has a passion for helping people improve their physical health through an individualised approach to movement and lifestyle modification. Carly has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science Rehabilitation from Charles Sturt University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Science Rehabilitation from the University of Western Australia. Carly has worked with a variety of clientele from Perth, Karratha and now Moora treating musculoskeletal injuries, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, blood pressure, cholesterol, pregnancy, athletes and more.

Carly fell in love with reformer Pilates after injuring her back playing sport, she continued through her pregnancy and now she is joining us at Walkabout Physiotherapy and Stem Pilates as an Exercise Physiologist where she will be seeing clients one on one as well as running our clinical Pilates classes.

Carly enjoys netball, going out on their boat water skiing and snow holidays to Japan, she is very excited to offer this service to Moora and is looking forward to helping you reach your lifestyle and fitness goals.

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